Kura (2017)

Animation | 14 Mins
Kura Animation

Movie Info

  • Release Date: July 2017
  • Director: Gatumia Gatumia
  • Writer: Gatumia Gatumia
  • Producers: Wanjohi Ndagu, Wanyara Gatumia
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Animation
  • Country: Kenya

Movie Story


Kura is set in Kenya before the 2016 general election. An agent of the Ethics & Anti-corruption Authority, Stephen Alendo was visited by Hon. Dickson Topu, a legislator in the Kenya National Assembly. Topu brought a suitcase of money in an attempt to bribe Alendo to drop his case. Alendo in turn offered Topu a deal to turn himself in and make a full confession in exchange for leniency.

Topu asked for time to speak with his lawyer. The result was an explosion in the anti-corruption outfit’s Integrity Centre, an explosion that claimed the life of Stephen Alendo.

Following the bombing, Hon. Topu and human rights activist, Prof. Kwame Mteti, were guests on the TV show, “News Time”. Topu offered his condolence to those involved, calling the attack a “terrorist attack”. But Prof. Mteti would not have it and went ahead to call Topu a “heartless hyena in shepherd’s clothing”.

Prof. Mteti and Hon. Topu went on a confrontation, with Topu trying to shut Mteti up, and Mteti refusing to shut up by declaring that he was a tax paying citizen.

First, the story could have been clearer. That it’s an animation does not justify the muddling up of the story.

The Kura animation story too has its holes. How is it possible that an attack on Alendo would end Topu’s case? You don’t run an anti-corruption unit like that. Alendo alone cannot have all the files on Topu and as such, his death cannot signal the end of Topu’s case.

Again, the faces appeared too similar. It could have gone better and easier if they all had distinguishing marks, like a face mark, a difference in the hair or something else that would have made the ability to recognize and differentiate each person easier.

The CGI is amazing. We didn’t see a mere lip movement that would not be in sync with the words; we saw the words forming and in sync with the movement of the lips. Brilliant!

The story behind Kura is a powerful one; the kind of story that many are afraid to tell. It speaks to power, to the things that happen behind the scene, to interventions shrouded in secrecy, to mischief covered with the garb of goodwill. Kura is the story that says it all and damns the consequences.

Kura did not whisper its truths; it screamed it through all the lines and the hitherto quiet fronts. It’s not begging to be listened to; it’s dragging ears and screaming into them: they either listen and change or go deaf from the screaming.

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