Afri Reviews is the number one destination for everything movies in Africa.

Afri Reviews is Africa’s leading resource on filmmaking and Africa’s most visited platform by filmmakers and film lovers on the continent and beyond.

The Afri Reviews platform is designed to cater to filmmakers as well as the film lovers. The provision of daily industry news, festival updates, filmmaking tips, filmmaking classes, pitching sessions, interviews, and its community for filmmakers to collaborate makes Afri Reviews a choice platform for filmmakers and film lovers all over the continent.

These are just a few of the things that make Afri Reviews the number one destination for everything movies in Africa:

  • We provide a social community for film enthusiasts to interact and collaborate.
  • With our Afri Reviews Classes (ARC) that provides film webinars and masterclasses, we are providing actors, upcoming directors, filmmakers with the needed education that they can relate with and documenting the processes of veteran African filmmakers to pass on to the upcoming generation.
  • With our Afri Reviews Magazine (ARM), we bring industry news and updates monthly to readers all over the continent.
  • Our interviews and Tweet Chats with filmmakers all over the continent make this platform a place to be.
  • We provide a platform for job seekers in the movie/media industry to apply for their choice jobs from all over the continent.
  • We provide consultancy services for screenwriters, filmmakers, authors, etc. We have award-winning screenwriters, directors, and producers on our platform to read, give feedback, edit and write scripts for a fee.
  • We provide a platform for filmmakers looking for funding for their films to meet with investors weekly.
  • We organize regular pitching sessions for screenwriters to pitch their ideas to directors looking for their next project, producers, development executives, and get their scripts bought or funded.
  • We have the latest news, movie reviews and film festival news from all over the continent.
  • We help filmmakers, brands and companies reach their target audience from all over the continent with our advertising packages that make it possible for ads to be seen in every country in Africa.

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