Submission for the 2nd edition of the Benin City Film Festival, BCFF is still open but the door will slam shut on August 30.

The festival that started last year drew attention for the quality of submissions and programs lined up and is set to be even more this year.

According to the organisers, the objectives of the event are to:

  • To attract audiences from all over Nigeria, from around the world to come to Benin City to watch quality films that emphasize social issues.
  • To ensure that the international film directors attend the festival and participate in discussions about their work and about the art of filmmaking, and that they are given the opportunity to see what the region has to offer, in the hope that they will return to make films there.
  • To provide a sustainable long-term tourism event in Edo State.
  • To encourage local people and international visitors who attend the festival to engage in the creative film-making process by participating in seminars, events and workshops running in parallel to the festival screenings.
  • To provide high quality entertainment (music, international cuisine, family events) at an affordable cost.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Films in languages other than English, must have English Subtitles, otherwise they shall not be considered for selection.
2. The Festival accepts only films without watermarks. Only Trailers or promos cannot be submitted for selection process.
3. Films which have no online presence can be submitted by sending two full HD DVDs by courier to the Festival office along with a hard copy of this form duly filled. Kindly label the DVDs with title, director name, duration, phone number and email id on it.
4. For submissions coming from outside Nigeria, the packages must be marked, “For Festival & Cultural Purpose only, No Commercial value”.

Terms & Conditions:
1. BCFF reserves the right to showcase the film so submitted perpetually anywhere.
2. BCFF reserves the right to include the film or video and related material in its promotional activities.
3. All Decisions made by the Appointed “Selection Committee” regarding Selections, screenings, awards at the Festival in entirety will be final. In case of Dispute, decision of the President is final.
4. The film makers and their representatives undertake to use the official logo and the status of their Selection or Award strictly in conformation with DIFF 2019 designs and they further undertake to use such festival logo in all their promotions, posters and marketing publications with the consent of the festival.
5. A film selected for the festival does not run in competition automatically. A Jury will select the films that feature in Competition.
6. The Festival shall not bear / reimburse any freight or other charges in foreign or Nigerian currency.
7. Once selected for screening, the film shall not be withdrawn.
8. Entries under the all categories shall be of films certified by National Film and Video Censors Board of Nigeria.
9. The last date of submissions of ENTRIES IS 31.09.2019 and Date of Intimation of Selection will be 30.10.2019.

The festival will give awards in the following categories:

– Best Film
– Film of the Festival
– Best Director
– Best Screenplay
– Best Cinematography
– Best Performance
– Best Feature
– Best Documentary Feature
– Discovery Award
– Best Short of the Festival
– Best Asia Films
– Best Asia American Film
– Best European Film
– Best Documentary Short
– Best Animation Short
– Best Music Video

The Benin City Film Festival 2019 will hold in Edo State from November 6 to 9, 2019.

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