Shoot for Ibrahim Fakhr’s New Series “Zilzal” to Start Jan. Ending

Shoot for Egyptian film director, Ibrahim Fakhr‘s forthcoming series, “Zilzal” is set to commence by January ending as he has been in talks with the series producer, Tamer Morsi and scenarist, Abdel Rahim Kamal to put finishing touches on plans.
The three core executives on the project are expected to contact some of the actors that will be in the series as soon as plans are solidified.
Ibrahim Fakhr who wrote the series only completed the writing recently with actors, Mohamed Ramadan and Hala Shiha are expected to star.
The series is a return of sorts for actress, Hala Shiha who last appeared in 2006 film, “The Perfect One” alongside Amer Munib.
“Zilzal” will see Mohamed Ramadan play the role of father and son, a part he excelled in in his 2018 appearance in “Eagle of Upper Egypt”.
Director, Ibrahim Fakhr has two noteworthy TV series “Qasem Amin” (2002), “The Trader of Happiness” (2009), “Halet Eshq”, “Ibn Halal” (2014) and “Rassayel” (2018) to his name, all of which garnered attention when they were released and there’s no reason to think “Zilzal” will be any different especially seeing as there’s a competent cast in place.

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