“State of Malambia” Premieres in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean film, “State of Malambia” has premiered in Harare yesterday. The 104-minutes movie according to the producers cost $105, 000 and is the biggest film to come out of the growing Zimbabwean film industry in recent times.

Written, directed and produced by Marc Mandishora, the film, since work began on it has been advertised as a ‘breakthrough’ in the Zimbabwean film industry as its theme transcends genre and ventures into places none of the previously made movies have explored.

In his words, filmmaker Mandishora said: “State of Malambia is a ground-breaking and unique vision which transcends genres and takes you to a level where local movies have never gone before.”

The cast for the film includes Don Savania, Jefferson Muserera, Tinotenda Satande, Charlene Maungweni, Natasha Dlamini, Elroy Chastang, Ngoni Vere, Blekks Makwara, Ellen Mubwanda, Nakita Blake and David Kanduna.

While similarities have been drawn between “State of Malambia” and Marvel’s “Black Panther”Mandishora is dismissive of claims that the Black Panther story inspired his film, saying that he had his own idea 12 years ago and could even have inspired the Black Panther movie.

According to him: ““I had this vision whilst at film school, that’s way back. The production design and look is totally different. If anyone was inspired by my idea, it could be them. I did shop my concept around 12 years ago, so who knows who may have got hold of my ideas?”

Previous projects by Marc Mandishora includes “Estate Blues”, “City of Dreams”, “Entertainment Afrika”, among others.

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