Auntie Boss Star Stabbed to Death by Girlfriend

The Kenyan film industry is bereaved following news that prominent Kenyan actor, Jamal Nasoor was stabbed to death by his girlfriend, Grace Kanamu.

Jamal Nasoor who is known fondly as Baba Junior had according to reports checked into the Arks Hotel with his longtime girlfriend after the duo had attended a party

According to sources, the two had an argument after Jamal Nasoor asked why she was dancing with and accepting alcoholic drinks from men at the party holding at the Arks hotel. They moved to a butcher’s shed to settle the issue and it was there that he got stabbed. By the time he was rushed to the hospital, he was dead.

The deceased has starred in NTV’s “Auntie Boss”, “Junior” as well as in Vioja Mahakamani” and will be sorely missed by fans.

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