Egyptian Film, Photocopy Set for London Debut

Award-winning Egyptian film, “Photocopy” is set to make its London debut as it prepares to screen in London tomorrow, December 13, 2018.

The film by Tamer Ashry just finished its round in Russia where it was screened at the Kazan International Music Festival.

“Photocopy” had its premiere at the Gouna Film Festival and won the El-Gouna Golden Star award for the Best Arabic Feature Narrative film.

The film has been screened at the Arabian Cinema Week in New York, the Cairo International Film Festival in Egypt, and has been nominated for a lot of awards since it made its premiere.

“Photocopy” took on the responsibility of addressing bold issues that have rarely been discussed in Egyptian cinema as it looked at the plight of the elderly.

Describing the process of writing the script, screenwriter, Haitham Dabbour said: “The main challenge that faced me while writing such a different movie is to maintain high artistic sides and values and at the same time remain amusing for the audience, so they would not get bored.”

Cast of the movie include: Mahmoud Hemeida, Sherine Reda, Farah Youssef, Aly Tayeb and Ahmed Dash among others.

Director, Tamer Ashry‘s other projects include “The Trials of Spring” and “Sacred”.

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