Nine Films to Represent Tunisia at the Carthage Film Festival

The watch committees chose nine films to represent Tunisia in the official competition at the Carthage Film Festival in November 1965.

The festival leader said in a statement on Friday that the film contest will contain three films, (1965). In the long film contest, Tunisia will be playing movies by the director of the movie “Chamchour Bouslama” and “Brothers” by director Mariam Joubar and “On the Line” by Fawzi. Gamal and Aestra of Nidal Qayqa.

In the long documentary competition, Tu (1965). The director of the festival pointed out that these films were selected from 61 Tunisian films left to subscribe to the film. The festival is scheduled to take place from 3 November to 1.

The festival management is expected to publish the names of the remaining films participating in competitions outside of Tunisia in the next few weeks.

Carthage Film Festival was founded in 1966, Two years in exchange for Carthage Theater days before they came in.

Source: Vaaju

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