Hamid Benamra’s feature-length documentary “Hizam” which was released in 2016 will be screening at the third Yalta International film festival in Russia.

The Yalta International Film Festival is an annual festival which had its first edition in 2016. The festival aims at bridging the cultural gap between Europe and Asia.

“Hizam” takes us through a journey of how the Algerian filmmaker sees femininity and dancing. The documentary is Hamid Benamra’s latest production and it explores the theme of “femininity and the relation to the woman’s body as “the refuge of the man and his mirror”, in France, on the Maghreb and Oriental cultures.

The hour long documentary had premiered at the Cairo International film festival following its release in 2016 and it also competed in the Second International Film Festival of Sochi (South of Russia) in 2017.

Hamid Benamra dedicated 16 years to filming and gathering all necessary detail needed to make the feature documentary a reality.

During this period, he followed closely the art of Algerian dancer and choreographer, Assia Guemra as she takes her dance classes and attends shows.

He brings these details together and weaves it into a documentary that explores a brilliant theme.

The passionate filmmaker has made other films that have made rounds in film festivals around the world, this includes “Life tips, tips of dreams” (2012) and “Dreams of the lonely actor” (2015)

The 2018 Yalta International Film Festival will hold from September 21st – 25th.

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