The Recce to Premiere on Sept 28

South African filmmaker and director, Johannes Ferdinand van Zyl, is set to premiere his latest film, The Recce”, on 28 September 2018 across cinemas in the country.

“The Recce” tells the story of young recce (informal term for reconnaissance), Henk Viljoen, who is thought to be dead behind enemy lines and who must use every resource at his disposal to get home to his disillusioned wife and family, who are in turn fighting their own emotional battles.

This film mirrors issues concerning the border war in South Africa, as well as the pain and trauma families had to face during and after the conflict that lasted almost two decades.

Written and directed by Johannes Ferdinand van Zyl, The Recce” script came out of his personal connection to the story, “Having grown up with family members that were sent to the border war, I have a fascination with that era in our history.”

Cast for the action-packed movie include Marius Weyers, Albert Maritz, Greg Kriek, Grant Swanby, Christia Visser, Maurice Carpede, and Sonni Chidiebere.

Produced by Jac Williams through Cape Town-based Production Company, Man Makes a Picture, the movie is the first in a series of independent features from the company.

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