El-Diesel Leading Egyptian Box Office

Egyptian movie, “El-Diesel” starring actor Mohamed Ramadan has so far grossed the highest revenues in this Eid movie season, with the Arab Distribution Company announcing profits of LE 3,212,110 ($179,904.79) since its release on 21 August 2018

Among the list of movies that have made huge profits at the box office this season, Ramadan’s movie was followed by Egyptian singer, Tamer Hosni’s “Al-Badla” (The Suit), which came in second with revenues of LE 2,615,356 ($146,481.62).

Following closely in third place was Asser Yassin’s “Torab Al-Mass” (Diamond Dust) with LE 1,295,088 ($72,535.66) profits, trailed by “Al-Kwyesseen” (The Good People) which has earned LE 1,236,280 ($69,241.93).

“El Diesel”, with a budget of approximately EGP 40,000,000 ($2,240,331.600), was produced by Mohamed Al-Sobki and directed by Karim Al-Sobki, and follows the story of a stuntman named Badr El Diesel, who, after his fiancé’s murder, seeks revenge on her killers.

“El-Diesel” stars Mohamed Ramadan, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Yasmeen Sabry, Hana Sheeha and Tamer Hagras. While some stars justifiably come into this Eid with confidence, others aim to turn the table around after an unpleasant experience.

Ramadan’s most recent movie, “Al-Kanz” (The treasure), earned LE 20 million ($1,120,165.80), while the preceding film “Gawab Itiqal” (Arrest Letter) earned LE 16 million (896,132.64), both disappointments compared to his usual earnings.

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