“They Shoot Boys, Don’t They?” Premieres in Botswana

“They Shoot Boys, Don’t They?”, a short film written and produced by Motswana writer, filmmaker and blogger, Tanlume Enyatseng, has been released in Botswana.

Enyatseng recently released the short film titled ‘They shoot boys, don’t they”. The film was written and produced by Enyatseng who owns and curate a blog titled Banana Emoji where he shares a variety of thought pieces accompanied by editorial photo shoots.

The short film explains love and intimacy between two Motswana men, with subtle portrayal of the discrimination homosexuals face daily in the southern African country.

Enyatseng said he made the story for this month and according to him this is to show the passion, inherent creativity and indomitable spirit of Botswana’s LGBTQI community.

With the three-minute film showing two young men kissing passionately, Enyatseng said he wanted to challenge the taboo of intimacy between two men and highlight the need to recognize same sex marriage.

Enyatseng says he is aware that the project will cause mixed reactions in his deeply conservative Botswana homeland, but insists it is meant to purely to present a reality of what many people’s lives are today.

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