List of African Films Set To Screen at Toronto Film Festival

The 43rd Toronto film festival (tiff) 2018 starts from September 6-16, and we are bringing you a list of African films billed to be screened at the annual event.

In no particular order, here is the list of movies billed to premiere at the festival:

  1. Sew the Winter to my Skin (South Africa)
  2. aKasha (Sudan/South Africa)
  3. Farming  (UK)
  4. Fig Tree (Ethiopia)
  5. Lionheart  (Nigeria)
  6. Rafiki | (Kenya)
  7. The Mercy of the Jungle (Belgium/France)
  8. Angel (Senegal/Belgium/Netherlands)
  9. Look at Me  (Tunisia)
  10. Night (Egypt)
  11. The Ambassador’s Wife (Burkina Faso/Sweden)
  12. Freedom Fields (Libya)
  13. Facing North  (Uganda)
  14. Brotherhood (Tunisia)
  15. Divine Wind (Algeria)
  16. A Wedding Day (Algeria)

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