SABC3 Launch New Crime Series, “The Docket”

There is good news for lovers of highly entertaining detective stories as SABC3 has launched a new crime series titled “The Docket”, airing every Wednesday.

The scintillating show follows the Ravens, a specialized, topnotch crime-fighting unit set up to tackle and investigate high-profile crimes in the public eye.

Actress Hlubi Mboya is cast in the lead role as Captain Nsiki Motshe, alongside other cast members such as Duncan Johnson (Colonel Marlon van Wyk), Seputla Sebogodi (Brigadier Funani Twala), Brendon Engelbrecht (Detective Neil Hall) and his partner, Detective Terry Jahib, portrayed by Ashish Gangapersad.

With each episode mirroring real-life crimes, the 13 part series also delves into each unit members’ personal relationships and how they deal with it.

Actor Brendon Engelbrecht, who plays the role of Detective Neil Hall in “The Docket”, was asked  in an interview why viewers should tune in for the show. This is what he had to say:

“If you want to see something with international value in your own backyard, then you need to tune in. This is not stock standard cinematography. Our cameraman was running next to us while we were raiding during shoots. There is a fluidity with the camera and it’s obsessive. It is also relatable to our audience, because a lot of people may have been through these crimes or know someone who has been through it; the subjects that are touched on will resonate with viewers.”

Watch first episode below.

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