Benjamin Onyango Stars in Hollywood Movie, “Beautifully Broken”

Kenyan actor and producer, Benjamin Onyango, is the hero in Beautifully Broken”, a new film set to hit cinemas on August 24.

This Inspirational and true story follows the lives of three fathers who fight to save their families, even as their lives become intertwined in an unlikely global journey, where they get to learn the healing powers of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Filmed on location in Port Alfred, South Africa, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the film is based on a real life event where Onyango portrays the real-life William Mwizerwa.

In 1994, the Mwizerwa family lived through the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda where nearly one million people were killed in just 100 days of deadly conflict.

William Mwizerwa‘s family (his wife, Ebralie, and their four children) survived the killings and today William serves the refugee community in middle Tennessee as a minister, a counselor and a teacher.

The film has an ensemble of casts which include Scott William Winters (Lethal Weapon seriesGood Will Hunting), Benjamin Onyango (God’s Not DeadInception), Emily Hahn (Toy Story 3Fresh Off the Boat) and Eric Roberts (The Dark KnightThe Expendables).

Benjamin Onyango is best known for the films: Tears of the Sun” and God’s Not Dead”. His television appearances include The X-Files”, General Hospital”, Two Worlds”, The Shield” and “Dysfunctionally Organized”.

Watch trailer for “Beautifully Broken” here.

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