Shoot For Men’s Secret Club to Commence in September

After numerous postponements, filming is set to finally start for the new movie, “Nady el-Regal el-Seri” (Men’s Secret Club) by star actor Karim Abdel Aziz in September. The film is to be directed by Khaled el-Halfawi, who is currently searching for other stars to be cast alongside Karim.

The director also has hinted at Ghada Abdel Razik and Bayoumi Fouad as likely co-stars in the movie, “Men’s Secret Club” while search is still ongoing for other characters. He is also taking time to decide on the right décor, costumes and studios for the upcoming film project.

“Nadi el-Regal el-Seri” (Men’s Secret Club) returns Abdel Aziz to the cinematic spotlight after a 4-year break. His last movie, “The Blue Elephant”, which was released in 2014, gained great success at the time amid great controversy in Egypt.

Forty-three year old actor Karim Abdel Aziz is an Egyptian actor who grew up in a movie-making environment, having had a father who was a movie director. He featured in a litany of film projects, some of which are Leh khaletny ahebak” (2000), The Cousins” (2009), Fasel wa Na’ood” (2011), and The Blue Elephant” (2014).

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