Ethiopian Actress, Antu Yacob Stars in New Movie, Night Comes On

Ace Ethiopian-American actress and playwright, Antu Yacob, has appeared in a new film that premiered earlier this month. The movie, “Night Comes On” premiered across major theatres in the US on August 3rd and is currently available for downloads on iTunes.

Night Comes On” starring Dominique Fishback and Tatum Marilyn Hall, centers on the release of an 18-year old teenage girl, Angel LaMere, from a detention facility.

Reviewing the film, the New York Times said, “the passionate feature film debut is not business as usual, as it weaves together two different strands: a revenge melodrama about a determined daughter seeking retribution to her mother’s murder, and the emotional story of two sisters desperate for family closeness and connection but not sure they can trust it”.

Antu Yacob, who grew up in San Francisco and Minnesota, holds a master of Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey and has appeared in a number of movies and television series, including NBC’s Law and Order” and the recently released Netflix series, “Gypsy”.

She also played lead roles in the movies “Eminent Domain” (DeepFreeze Media) and “Walking in Circles” (NYU Films/ Elegant Bratton), plus supporting roles in “Conjure” (TerraLuke Media) and “Fine Art” (Shannon Ousley/Zoe Munlyn).

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