C.A.R Film, Zone III, Making European Film Festival Rounds

Central African Republic film, “Zone III”, recently selected as the best short documentary at the African Film Festival in the United States in July, is now being screened at European film festivals.

Zone III relates to one of the largest IDP’s camps in Bangui, capital of the C.A.R. It talks about its population, their ingenuity and their capacity for resilience in the face of mounting conflict and humanitarian suffering

 The documentary shows carpentry and mechanics’ workshops, butcher stalls, shoe-makers, a motor-taxi outfit, a pig farm, an alcohol-brewing group and restaurants selling grilled meat.

For entertainment, the displaced community organizes dance classes, football matches and wrestling tournaments.

Central African Republic has been torn apart by deep ethnic and sectarian strife since 2013 when Muslim-majority Seleka rebels overthrew President Francois Bozize, triggering a vicious round of reprisal attacks by predominantly Christian and animist fighters.

Almost half the population of Bangui, the capital was forced to live in makeshift camps as marauding gangs armed with guns, knives and machetes went on a rampage through the city.

The documentary was directed by Pascale Serra. Narration was done by Michele C. Joseph while film editing and graphics was by Trésor M. Matondo.

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