Egyptian movie, “Turab al-Mass” (Diamond Dust), will be premiered across all Egyptian cinemas on the 10thof October, according to the production company, New Century Production Company, which released a teaser of the movie recently.

“Diamond Dust”, directed by Marwan Hamed and written by Ahmed Mourad, follows the boring life of Taha, who is a pharmacist stuck with his wheelchair-bound father. However, when a mysterious and sudden murder occurs, Taha sees his entire world collapse before him, as he gets sucked into a life of crime and corruption.

The film stars Asser Yassin, Menna Shalaby, Maged El Kedwany, Shereen Reda, EyadNassar, Mohamed Mamdouh, Sabreen, Ahmed Kamal, Mohammad Al Sharnouby, Tara Emad, Samy Maghawry, Bayoumi Fouad, Lebanese star Adel Karam and salient star Ezzat El Alaili.

This is the third time both Marwan and Mourad are collaborating on a project, as they have both worked together in two other projects: “El Feel el Azraa” and “Al-Aslyeen”.

The film is produced by New Century Production Company and is being distributed by Dollar Film.

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