Egyptian movie stars, Ahmad el-Sakka and Mohamed Imam are set to reunite in an upcoming movie whose title or general details are yet to be divulged to the public, pending an official announcement. The director of the movie is still undecided, but it is known that the project is going to be an action movie.

The duo first worked together way back in 2012 on the set of a television series with the title “Khotot Hamra” (Red Lines). It starred Yusra el-Lozy, Ahmad Rizk, Monzer Rehana, Ahmad el-Sa’dany and others, and was shot and directed by Ahmad Shafik.

Ahmad el-Sakka is set to film his new TV series scheduled to be aired in Ramadan, 2019. The star is also preparing for the filming of a second series written by Baher Doweidar and produced by Synergy Productions.

Sakka has been one of the most versatile Egyptian actors in the last decade. Movies he has starred in over the years gained popular acclaim, and they include the following: “Mafia”, “Al-Jazira” (The Island) and “Taimour we Shafika” (Taimour and Shafika).

Mohamed Imam on his part, is a young actor who has starred in comedy/action/drama flicks. Son of the veteran comedian, Adel Imam, he was born in September 1984 and his first television series, released in 2003, was “Canaria Wa Shorka`oh” (Canaria and His Partners), starring alongside Farouk al-Fishawy.

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