“All These Creatures”, an Australian short film by Charles Williams starring an Ethiopian child actor, Yared Scott has won the best short film at the ongoing Melbourne International Film Festival.

The movie stars 13-year-old Ethiopian-Australian, Yared Scott as Tempest, a boy in a quest to  understand his troubled and destructive father and the series of events that led to an unexplained tragedy while his backyard is taken over by mysterious cicadas.

While applauding the movie as somber and thought-provoking, the judges remarked,

“From the opening cacophony of the cicadas that are slowly infesting the family home, to the poetic cinematography, this is a polished piece of filmmaking from director Charles Williams. The subject matter is extremely relevant, with mental illness still a difficult topic, even in a time where more open discussion has lulled us into thinking it is no longer taboo or suffered in silence.”

Charles Williams, a versatile Australian filmmaker, director and writer, is also the producer of “Home” (2015) and “Homebodies” (2016).

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