The 12th Annual Washington DC African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) – is to start from August 17-19, 2018. And in the lineup are 16 films to be featured, including 8 films that are directed by women and 14 DC premieres.

Among the movies to be premiered at the annual event is the award-winning drama “The Citizen:” (Az Állampolgár), which is a narrative about middle-aged African political refugee Wilson (played by first-time actor, Cake-Baly,) wanting to become a Hungarian citizen.

Also featured is “Foreign Body”, a movie by Raja Amari that explores the black experience in Europe (France/Tunisia) by described by the Los Angeles Times as an “accomplished survival tale about an undocumented young Tunisian woman finding her identity in France.”

“Boma Tervuren” (The Journey) by Francis Dujardin, tells the extraordinary and tragic saga of 267 Congolese, brought to Brussels for the 1897 World’s Fair.

The African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) is  aimed at presenting, interpreting, as well as educating about films that mirror the experiences of people of color all over the world with a view to inspire imaginations, change stereotypical perceptions and help in transforming deep-seated attitudes  that perpetuate injustice.

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