Three Moroccan films will feature prominently in the ongoing 13th Edition of Brazil’s Arab World Film festival, holding from Aug. 8-27. The movies have been selected to represent the Kingdom at the event, taking place in Sao Paulo this month.

The first movie, ‘Razzi’ by Nabil Ayouch, focuses on the issues of women’s rights and social freedom; the second movie, ‘Fevers’ by Hicham Ayouch, mirrors the issues of social relations using the story of a young boy as a template; and the third, ‘Volubilis’ by Faouzi Bensaïdi, deals with the theme of a wild and unconventional love story.

According to Natalia Calfat, a member of the Arab World Film Festival’s organizing team, “the films portray social and cultural relationships in the Arab world from a humane perspective, approaching human dramas and breaking stereotypes”.

She further went on to say it is a unifying thread, dealing with such thorny issues as migration, asylum, identity, multicultural dialogue, interchange, the other’s gaze, empathy and integration.

The 13th edition of this film festival is aimed at showcasing the cultural recognition that exists between Brazil, Latin America, and the Arab world, creating a link embellished with stories and cultural identities. It will feature 24 movies divided into four thematic sections: Arab world, Arab-Latin Dialogues, Palestinian Cinema and French-Arab Cinema.

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