The renaming of the Ghana movie industry as “Gollywood” doesn’t seem to have settled well with most people in the industry as popular Ghanaian actress, Akorfa Edjeani has spoken out against the renaming during an interview on New-One after the new name was announced.

In her words:

“I am disassociating myself from the name. He has not consulted any industry player. Nobody has agreed on that thing. He is behaving as if he is the president or leader of everyone in the industry. He is the president of his association and not all associations in the industry.”

“If you talk to other stakeholders they will tell you that nobody has given their consent to the name. I wanted to put it on record that I am not part of the naming. People are thinking that it’s the entire industry that has agreed but that is not the case.” 

Akorfa Edjeani who has starred in movies like: “Side Chic Gang”, “Children of the Mountain”, “The Cursed Ones” stated that the president of the Film Association of Ghana did not consult industry stakeholders before launching the new name and she is hereby dissociating herself from the new industry name.

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