Veteran Ghanaian actor and comedian, Kwaku Sintim Misa has joined the league of those condemning the renaming of Ghanaian movie industry to Gollywood.

Speaking, he said: “It’s something I can’t understand…a bunch of creative people meet and the only name they could come up with is Gollywood; just because there is a ‘wood’ in it? It’s a sign that not much thinking went into making that decision” – Veteran Actor and Comedian Kwaku Sintim Misa condemns new Ghana Movie industry name “Gollywood”.

The actor cum comedian who is popularly known as KSM condemned the renaming of the industry during an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM. He described the new name as Ridiculous and unfit for the industry.

KSM who plays host on the “Thank God It’s Friday show” explained that rather than try to imitate other industries, there is a need for the industry to carve its own niche and create its own unique name.

He shared on Daybreak Hitz “as a creative industry, we need to be more indigenous with a name that will reveal our identity rather than be towing the same line with the western culture”.

He suggested that other names such as GH Cinema would have been better as a name for the industry.

He also added that rather than concentrate solely on the renaming of the industry, much attention should be paid to reviving the industry because changing the name of a dead industry would change nothing.

Concluding, he urged all stakeholders to dig deeper and find a more suitable for the industry while also creating ideas that will develop the industry as a whole.

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