This year’s Egyptian Film Week, which held in Belgrade was nothing but a massive success as the Arabian country continues its rich cultural diplomacy.

The event, which kicked off on the 2nd of July at Yugoslav Kinoteka with a ceremonial Opening Night recorded a large number of people in attendance., as it was part of the Egyptian Cultural month, July 2018.

The film week was hosted by the Egyptian Ambassador to Serbia H. E. Amr Aljowally in conjunction with the Yugoslav Film Museum (Kinoteka) and the Arab Cultural Centre in Serbia.

According to the Interntional Director of Kinoteka, Marjan Vujovic, the museum wishes to increase the number of contemporary Egyptian films in the museum’s archives. Thus, Kinoteka had translated the films into Serbian to facilitate the cultural outreach to the public.

Also, the president of the Arab Cultural Centre, Ena Pavlovic, expressed his delight in the centre’s participation in organizing activities related to Egyptian cinema.

Of several Egyptian movies covering diverse eras of production, and genres, just five were screen at the event: “Ihky ya Shahrazad” (Shahrazad, Tell me a Story), “Betawkeet el-Kahera” (Cairo Time), “Fatet el Masnaa” (Factory Girl), “El-Ard” (The Land) and “Gharam Fel Karnak” (Love in Karnak).

Speaking about the event’s success, the Egyptian Ambassador to Serbia, who took time to greet the guests after the event, stated that selecting a variety of films that satisfies different tastes was the main reason behind the Film Week’s success.

He further called on the Egyptian film industry leaders to prepare for the Belgrade Film Festival which is usually held in February and considered the largest in Eastern and Southern Europe.

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