The maiden edition of the Motion Pictures International Film Festival (MOPIFF) will be held in one of the fastest growing cities in Africa; Lagos, Nigeria.  The event is scheduled to hold from August 29th – August 31st.

Nigeria is known for its diverse cultures, entertainment, lifestyles and its warm embrace to visitors. The former capital of Nigeria, Lagos, will play host to filmmakers from different nations with a serene environment perfect for tourism and just the right place to enjoy her local cuisines.


MOPIFF is the first of its kind, a touring film festival set to embrace diverse cultures around the world. The festival will be held in different countries around the world each year.

Afri Reviews will be partnering with the organisers of MOPIFF for the 3 days long event which will feature live film screenings, workshops, pool party, cultural representations and exhibitions and Cocktail award night.


Our mission is to celebrate young filmmakers telling their stories to the world through motion pictures; to address Social, Economic, Ethnic, Political, Religious, and Health issues that affect the general public; and to provide an equal platform for Independent filmmakers to showcase and distribute their work on a global scale.


MOPIFF’s vision is to raise awareness by visiting different countries across the globe and the use of cinema to create a revolution that will change the social and economic horizon in the world, by providing the wherewithal to the abundant talents resident in our communities to rise up and reach for their ideals. Establish bridges for partnership with international counterparts, to ensure quality, expertise and global standards access the local film industries, accelerating their development substantially.


Our team constitutes of the Executive Director, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Panel of Judges, Planning Committee, and Volunteers.

We look forward to seeing you at MOPIFF.

Afri Reviews is a proud Partner of MOPIFF 2018.

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