Filmmakers Boot Camp 2018 is a 3 day creative activity carefully thought out to give practical knowledge on certain areas of film making such as Script writing, Acting, Editing, Directing and Film Production.

This event has been objectively set up to train Young Actors and Filmmakers to better understand the dynamics of film. The event promises to be filled with productive activities which include, but not limited to:

  •  Master classes
  • Dramatic picture challenge
  • Script writing challenge
  • Film Marketing Seminars
  • Manifesto
  • Monologue Challenge
  • Short film challenge

The Boot Camp activities will end with award presentations for the following categories:  Best Short Film, Best Monologue, Best Script, Best Dramatic Picture, Best Manifesto, and Best Actor.

Application is open to everyone and all applicants are required to pay a registration fee which covers accommodation, certification and film production.

Filmmakers Boot Camp 2018 is brought to you by Emphire Touch in Collaboration with Zoe’s moment.

Registration ends 16th July, 2018. 23:59pm.

For more enquiries, please call: 08138425350 / 08033096760.

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