New Nollywood movie “Payday” by Cheta  Chukwu will be released in the cinemas on Friday, July 13, 2018.

“Payday” follows the life of two bosom friends and flat mates, Paul and Ortega, who seize the unfortunate incidence of their Landlord’s death to skip renewing their rent.  The duo who saw that the Landlord had no heir apparent to take charge of the property, decide to go on an expensive night out and enjoy a little.


Their groove is soon cut short when the Landlord’s daughter shows up the following morning and gives the boys 24-hour notice to renew their rent or quit the house.

Left with no other option, the flat mates had to embark on an overnight scheme to recover the rent, leading to a dangerous encounter with an eccentric drug baron, a desperate robbery attempt, a gambling adventure, and an ego war with the neighborhood bully, Orlando.

Their gossip neighbour, Ngozi, is determined to see to the end of the drama.

The movie features Big Brother Naija season 2 runner up, Bisola Aiyeola and other acts like Baaj Adebule, Ebiye Victor, Mawuli Gavor, Frank Adekunle, Meg Otanwa and Zack Orji..

“Payday” is produced by Orwi Manny Ameh and Written/Directed by Cheta Chukwu.

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