Award-winning South African film “Inxeba” by John Trengove seems to be spurring lot of controversies from the public.

The South African film follows the story of “Xolani who joins the other men of his community on a journey to the mountains to initiate a group of teenagers into manhood. His entire existence starts to unravel when a defiant initiate from the city discovers his best-kept secret, a forbidden love”.

At a hearing in the High Court in Pretoria on Thursday, the film was said to be harmful from a cultural perspective, as it exposes teenagers to sexual conduct and exposes women to all forms of sexual violence.

“If cultural beliefs and practices are to be considered, the film is harmful and disturbing and exposes 16-year-olds to the sexual conduct depicted in the film. The film included language which was degrading to Xhosa women and further exposed women to societal violence such as rape”, the court further heard. Judge Joseph Raulinga during his judgement indicated that the film should be reclassified as hardcore porn set aside.

Judge Joseph Raulinga emphasized: “It contains harmful scenes which could cause tensions within the Xhosa community and even within the broader African community”


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