The CineOdyssey Film Festival will be using its platform to promote diversity of culture in filmmaking. Tre’ McGriff, the founder of the festival, announced that the Festival will be giving an opportunity to filmmakers worldwide to showcase their films.

In a speech, McGriff expressed:  “The (Charlotte) community is becoming more diverse. I think in order for us to understand each other and the community, we have to embrace each other’s culture.”

The CineOdyssey Film Festival was launched in 2017 with the aim of promoting and celebrating the works of filmmakers from all parts of the world. The Festival will allow participation of African, Caribbean, Latino, Asian and Native American diasporas, as well as the U.S filmmakers.

Emphasizing on the role the festival will be playing in fostering unity among filmmakers worldwide, McGriff said:  “The most important thing this festival will do is give people an opportunity to experience diverse cultures through the realm of cinema,” McGriff said.

This year’s edition will be taking place from July 12 to July 14.

The festival will be screening about 30 independent films which were selected through submissions, recommendations and McGriff’s own discoveries.

During the period of the festival, there will also be a workshop for smartphone filmmaking, to be taught by Charlotte filmmaker Quinton Littlejohn and a panel discussion on the impact of diversity in the film industry at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts and Culture.

Conclusively, McGriff says:  “I’m all about independent filmmaking, I love the Hollywood stuff, I love the big blockbuster stuff, but I think as a community, we really need to embrace and support independent filmmakers. We want to nourish them so they can grow their careers and do big things.”


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