As revenue generated in the global film and movie industry continue to grow by billions each year, MultiChoice has decided to invest in the sector through an intensive training programme dubbed MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF).

The programme, Multichoice Talent Factory will result in at least 60 participants from African countries, including two from Zimbabwe, being trained on how to make films that can compete globally.

The course will be fully funded and will run for a year.

Southern African Multichoice Talent Factory Academy director Berry Lwando shed more light during an interview with The Sunday Mail Society.

“MTF is planning to be a driving force behind the development of future talent to help build and strengthen the creative industries across Africa,” said Lwando.

“It is an Africa-wide, multi-tiered educational and experiential-learning programme designed to provide the African creative industry with a platform to learn, develop their talent, engage and connect with each other through their shared passions.”

Lwando noted that through the Multichoice Talent Factory, MultiChoice Africa will develop emerging television and film talent whilst simultaneously promoting the growth of local content in key markets through a well-structured and impactful social investment programme.

But the MTF training programmes at accredited academies in Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia are not limited to the selected 60 selected candidates.

Therefore will MTF provide equipment for the two Zimbabwe candidates when they return home?

“There is no plan to provide equipment. The training is designed in such a manner that it opens participants to new opportunities and abilities to become their own employers.

“The programme will enable the participants to pitch successfully and by understanding it as a functional business opportunity, the issue of equipment should not hamper the production of quality local content,” said Lwando.

The MTF initiative is a positive development, especially for Zimbabwe as there are very few competitive film schools in the country.

The state of the Zambian film sector has drastically shifted positively since MultiChoice entered the country and exposed numerous filmmakers to its equipment and technical crew.

When watching southern African films on Zambezi Magic, one can tell that Zambian films have developed in terms of scripting, audio and picture quality.

“One of the keen outcomes of the MTF is to impact on the quality of local content that will be put on our platforms. We expect that by implementing three pillars of the MTF, we as Multichoice are actually spreading training to the Sadc region.”

Source: The Sunday Mail

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