MAD Solutions, Zawya Distributions and The Metropolis Association teamed up to present a unique event called “From Egypt with Love”, which showcases four recent Egyptian films.

Director Ahmed Amer’s 2018 feature film “Kiss Me Not” (BalashTebosni) made the short list. The satirical comedy, short in the style of a documentary (or mockumentary) stars actress Yasmine Rais and tells the story of a young film maker, Tamer (Mohamed Mahran) who attempts to adapt the script of a recently deceased great writer. But his inexperience became a major deterrent when his star actress Fagr (Yasmine Rais) is in bed with her husband and refuses to kiss him.

But not just that, in fact, Fagr consistently refuses to perform anything intimate or sensual, avoiding all kissing scenes as she finds herself drawn to being more modest and in touch with her religious belief. At this, Tamer finds himself at wits end, given that he is shooting a romantic film!

The film makes a statement about the various Egyptian starlets in the past who after choosing to be modest in their choice of acting, found themselves only starring in TV soap operas. The start of the film showcases various kissing scenes from the Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema, moments of passion all but gone today.

“Kiss Me Not” was released on February 1, 2018.

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