The Cairo International Women’s Film Festival is an independent initiative dedicated to showcasing and promoting films directed by women from around the world. These films mustn’t necessarily be addressing women issues in the society, it is an avenue to promote women  filmmakers and to introduce their films to a large audience.

The Rough-Cut Workshop for Arab women is an audiovisual consultation that will be offered to women filmmakers who are in the phase of working on the first rough-cut of their cinematographic work and will provide the needed support in relations to content and the development of their film on an artistic and editing level.

A total of 6 Arab women filmmakers, who are working on the rough-cut of their films, will be selected and invited to the festival to engage in discussions of each other’s audiovisual works and to debate its different elements. They will also be given the opportunity of discussing their works with an international jury that consists of film critics, directors and editors.

All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered and director(s) with the most developed work on the editing and artistic level and the one who needs most facilities for the final cut, will receive:

First Award: €4000 Post-production facilities.

Second Award: €1000 to support the final cut.

Deadline for application is 7th, February 2018.  Click link to apply:

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