Egyptian Movie ‘Withered Green’ Screens at Zawya Cinema

Egyptian movie “Withered Green” screens at Zawya Cinema, Egypt on 17th, December 2017.

“Withered Green” is written and directed by Hammad. The movie follows “Iman, a strict and traditional woman who tries to convince her uncles to be present for her younger sister’s engagement in her deceased father’s place, as tradition states. A shocking medical news causes her to question the beliefs she once held dear.

The movie was first screened in Egypt on October 25, 2017 at the Zawya cinema and it has also participated in a number of International film festivals. This includes: Hamburg International Film Festival, Festival de Cannes, and Stockholm International Film Festival.

Withered Green stars Heba Ali, Asmaa Fawzi, Ahmed Alaidy, and John Ekram Hanna.


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