Newlywed Filmmakers Toyosi and Daniel Etim-Effiong Release A Five Minutes Film That Explores The Concept of Blind Faith

“Prey”, a short film produced and directed by Nollywood filmmakers and newlywed couple, Toyosi and Daniel Etim-Effiong, explores the concept of Blind Faith. The recently released religious comedy stars Nollywood actors Tope Tedala and Odenike Odetola.

The 5minutes film tells the story of a young Christian brother – Brother Kunle (Tope Tedala) who wakes up late from a long prayer vigil to say his morning prayers but is tempted by his half-naked fiancé, Sister Bisi Sister Bisi (Odenike Odetola) who had agreed to sleep over at his place after the vigil. This temptation leads him to a ‘sinful’ action and after being chastised by sister Bisi, he takes a very drastic measure following what he had interpreted from a Bible passage.

“Prey” passes a strong message about blind faith, while carefully touching a sensitive subject “Religion”.


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