Actor Don Cheadle Jr. Dismisses Rumors Of Appearing in ‘Mugabe’ Movie

“Mugabe”, a new movie title which gained ground after it started as a social media joke, has been rumored to feature American actor Don Cheadle Jr as lead role.

The American actor Don Cheadle Jr wasted no time in dismissing the rumor which was circulating like wild fire. He stated:  “Africa called to tell me that I was probably going to get to play Robert Mugabe (former President of Zimbabwe) but I’d have to agree to play him as an African and not an African American. I said pass. Thanks anyway”.

According to the poster circulating on social media, the movie is scheduled for release in 2019.

In the course of the rumour, local director Joe Njagu stated that though the film is a work in progress, he will only reveal vital details in due time. Speaking to The Herald, he stated:

“I support US actor Don Cheadle. We are tired of having foreigners trying to play our role yet we have so much talented stars in the country. It was such great news to see that tweet from Don. It’s high time we start telling our own stories. When Hollywood tells our stories all the money goes to them not to our country. I am working on the project for the film and will reveal details in due course. He said it has to be original but didn’t shed light on what it will be about. We are tired of fake accents of our local languages yet we have them. We have our own local based and diasporas actors. I won’t say who is involved in the project now as it’s still under grassroots” – Joe Njagu.

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