‘The Battle of Algiers’, a 1966 film commissioned by the Algerian government to show both sides of the war will on Wednesday be screened at the American University in Cairo.

The movie which uses a documentary style to recreate influential events within the Algerian war for independence against France’s colonial rule follows two main characters: Ali la Pointe (Braham Haggiag), a former criminal turned Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) member after witnessing a beheading in prison, and French strategist Colonel Mathieu (Jean Martin), who aims to dissolve the FLN by ‘cutting off the head of the tapeworm’.

‘The Battle of Algiers’ hailed as one of the most important political films of all time was nominated for three Oscar awards, won the Venice Film Festival’s ‘Award of the City of Venice’ and was banned in France for a while.

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