New Film Festival Celebrating Black Women In Film Set To Launch

New festival tagged “Women of The Lens Film Festival”, aimed at celebrating black women and women of colour in film all-round the globe sets to launch November 10, 2017 at the prestigious Goldsmiths Curzon, London.

The UK-based festival is an innovation of a creative mind Jennifer G. Robinson who has been in the creative industry for an applaudable number of years and contributed immensely to its growth, especially with her collaboration with Menelik Sbazz and top industry professionals in the production of one of the longest running and widely recognized London based film festivals, “The Black filmmaker International film festival”.

“Women Of The Lens Film Festival” is aimed at elevating black women and women of colour in film in the society. The festival will project the works of black women and women of colour and ensure they are duly recognized rather than being relegated to the background. In essence, it will redefine back women and women of colour in films.

Jennifer G. Robinson expresses delight towards the launch of this iconic festival:

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the festival. It demonstrates to me the growing potential of what’s being created and my responsibility to filmmakers as they submit their precious creations. The stories contained in the festival highlights the multi-faceted complexities of black women and women of colour. The stories show that these women’s stories are human stories, our stories that can be enjoyed by all audiences irrespective of their ethnicities. I’m excited by the coming events and humbled by the support received.”

She hopes to use this intriguing festival as a mirror to portray to the world, the creativity, intelligence, immense contribution of black women in films both on/behind the camera and also as a representation of their works, to ensure it is projected to all.

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