Co-Founder, Afri Reviews

James Ogunjimi: Co-Founder, Afri Reviews

James is a writer, public relations expert, film critic, novelist, and political analyst. He is the Co-Founder of Afri Reviews and author of the novel, ‘A Wall Is Just A Wall’ (Bahati Books, UK, February 2018).

He’s a former Editor with Praxis Magazine for Arts & Literature, former Managing Editor with Times African International, and former Columnist with Happenings Magazine.
His writings have been published in Brittle Paper, Kalahari Review, Sahara Reporters, Pambazuka Press, Praxis Magazine for Arts and Literature, Bewildering Stories Magazine, Rise Networks, Freedom Writers, African Spotlight, Premium Times, The Nation Newspaper, etc.
Co-Founder, Afri Reviews

Abada Anita: Co-Founder, Afri Reviews

Anita is a writer cum presenter with great enthusiasm for movies. She is a co-founder at
She is the winner of the Best Screenplay Award for her short script, “The Catalyst” at the Script2ScreenAfrica Awards for 2018.
She has written several articles which have been published on innumerable websites and jingles that have been aired on Sound city Fm, Hot Fm  and other top radio stations.
Her passion for screenwriting earned her the nomination as one of the top 60 housemates for Script2ScreenAfrica reality show, with the script “Felony”.
She juggles tech research and her writing career.
She has two voices; the first is what you hear when she speaks, the second dwells in the soul of a pen that bleeds when it touches a blank space.
Creative Lead, Afri Reviews

Deoye Falade: Creative Lead, Afri Reviews

Deoye Falade is a communications professional and writer whose work has spanned both mainstream media and corporate sector. He was among the 20 Young Critics trained by the International Association of Theatre Critics during the 2017 Lagos Theatre Festival. He also contributes features and movie reviews for True Nollywood Stories, and other top media outlets.

When he’s not being lazy or up to some mischief on social media, he pretends to express a sane literary side on his blog: . He’s on Instagram and Twitter with the username: @crosseyednerd


Development Executive, Afri Reviews

Adesegun Damazio: Development Executive, Afri Reviews

Adesegun holds a BPT (Hons.) degree in Physiotherapy from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2013, he was elected president of the Kb Klub (est. 1969), a prestigious socio-philanthropic group of medical students where he led the organisation to one of its most successful years ever recorded in history.

Following the mandatory youth service, he joined one of Nigeria’s foremost consultancy firms as a Brands Advisor, where he served on the creatives team which developed strategic corporate and marketing communications decks for top organizations such as Petrolex Group, Bank of Industry and SystemSpecs Nigeria. He also led the branding team that coined the nomenclature for the Twin Waters Group.

“Damzy” as he is fondly called, currently works as an Admin & Quality Control Assistant at Redcare HMO, Nigeria’s leading health insurance organization, where he carries out duties in business & organizational growth strategy, corporate & marketing communications, graduate/intern supervision and client relationship management across the country.


Editor, Afri Reviews

Dami Lare: Editor, Afri Reviews

Dami Lare is an independent Editor. Essayist. Theist Graduate of a school of his choosing. Graduate student of another. The Managing Editor for Lunaris Review. Dami Lare writes under his first name from somewhere in South-western Nigeria. Has works previously published nowhere but now online and in print. Winner of the Glassdoor Prose-poetry Contest. Winner of AMAB-HBF Flash-fiction contest. Editor of the anthology “A Mosaic of Torn Places”. A guarded introvert who writes for himself first and seldom shares his works.


Film Critic, Afri Reviews

Esosa Omo-Usoh: Film Critic, Afri Reviews

Esosa is a legal practitioner and specializes in civil/commercial litigation and intellectual property law.

He is an avid cinephile and film critic. His movie reviews have been published online on, Afri Reviews, and

His page features over 60 of his movie reviews.

He also writes poetry but is reluctant to describe himself as a poet. His poems are usually inspired by Rock songs and are eponymously named. Between 2010-2012, he ran a weekly poetry column entitled Rock ‘n’ Robe in This Day Lawyer featuring mostly poems written during his time in Law School.

When not practicing law, Esosa enjoys movies, music, travelling, writing movie reviews, travelogues and poetry.


Film Critic, Afri Reviews

Wingonia Ikpi: Film Critic, Afri Reviews

Wingonia Ikpi is a script writer, critic, red carpet host and movie buff who resides in Lagos, Nigeria.
She is a true believer in the power of art and can spot great artistic aesthetics when she sees one.


Content Writer, Afri Reviews

Simon Merit: Content Writer, Afri Reviews

Simon Merit is an essayist and independent writer who writes to inspire others.

She is the brain behind Pen: Our Weapon


Content Writer, Afri Reviews

Joel Ogunjimi: Content Writer, Afri Reviews

Joel is a blogger, fiction writer and an avid reader who has put in hundreds of hours into the study of stories in writing and motion picture. He has produced contents for several media platforms such as EvendHub, an event planning platform, and Dalet Institute, a tech platform.
He’s had his works published on “Be Yourself”, a top medium publication and Destiny Poets, an International Community of Poets.


Content Writer, Afri Reviews

Imisioluwa Ifedayo: Content Writer, Afri Reviews

Imisioluwa is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from Osun state Polytechnic. He is a content writer, poet, and tourist with YtourAfrica.

He is also an editor, a ghost writer who loves reading and writing fiction, general commentary, and historical events.